Source Archives and Packages

SeqAn3 Library

The following archives contain SeqAn3 library headers, their HTML API documentation, and all headers of mandatory and optional dependent libraries, e.g. range-v3, sdsl, cereal, etc..

Version Platform Independent Download
Nightly Stable (20181217) tar.xz zip

SeqAn Library

The following packages contain SeqAn library headers and their HTML API documentation.

Version Platform Independent Download
2.4.0 tar.xz zip
2.3.2 tar.bz2 tar.xz zip
2.3.1 tar.xz zip
2.3.0 tar.xz zip
2.2.0 tar.xz zip
2.1.1 tar.xz zip
2.1.0 tar.xz zip
2.0.2 tar.bz2 zip
2.0.1 tar.bz2 zip
2.0.0 tar.bz2 zip
1.4.2 tar.bz2 zip
1.4.1 tar.bz2 zip
1.4.0 tar.bz2 zip

SeqAn Sources

The following packages contain the whole SeqAn repository.

Version Platform Independent Download
2.4.0 tar.gz
2.3.2 tar.gz
2.3.1 tar.gz
2.3.0 tar.gz
2.2.0 tar.gz
2.1.1 tar.gz
2.1.0 tar.gz
2.0.2 tar.gz
2.0.1 tar.gz
2.0.0 tar.gz
1.4.2 tar.gz
1.4.1 tar.gz
1.4.0 tar.gz

Individual Apps

The following packages contain individual SeqAn apps.